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Apiwat (浅煎り)100g “Natural Process”


¥1,100 税込


Village : Doi Chang Elevation : 1,200 - 1,395 mts. Variety : Typica / Catimor / Mix Process : Natural Taste Note :Strawberry Jam / Milk Chocolate / Pomelo Package : 100 g. ※粉に挽いた状態での納品をご希望の場合は備考欄に記載をお願いいたします。記載の無い場合は豆での発送となります。 <発送日について> 通常、翌日〜3日以内に発送致します。 土日は発送業務がお休みのため、金曜日の12時以降に頂いたご注文は月曜日以降の発送となります。ご了承ください。 ▪️Coffee beans fermented by the fermentation method of Mr. Apiwat Yokruchi, a new generation of farmers with experience in making coffee from upstream to downstream. By this coffee Use a dry form manufacturing process. Also known as dry or natural process, Khun Apiwat's coffee is grown and processed at Doi Chang Village The planting height is 1200-1,395 meters above sea level. The sourness is not very sharp, similar to grapefruit. Smell and feel like milk chocolate and the juiciness of strawberry jam.